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Communications and Road Safety Specialist

Ravn Communications is a consultancy and communications company established in 2002. As its main specialist, I work in professional communication relating to road safety and other prevention issues.

I have obtained the necessary skills from developing and organizing many projects throughout all areas of communication management, including strategic planning, and providing communication, awareness campaigns, educational training and evaluation.

I have extensive experience of working with road safety, health and education projects, within Denmark and internationally throughout Europe, West Africa, Asia, Latin America and The Middle East.

International Development

  • Profound knowledge and experience from working in developing countries
  • Technical assistance with communication strategies, awareness campaigns and evaluations
  • Capacity building of road safety professionals, nationally and regionally
  • Coordinating ongoing project on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

Campaign and Media

  • Development of strategy and concepts for national and local campaigns
  • Production of campaign content – from films to events – for Social Media, the Press and outreach
  • Identifying and engaging stakeholders for campaign promotion
  • Launching, implementation and evaluation of campaigns
  • Effective end-to-end management of communication projects

Communication Strategies

  • Collection and analysis of known and new data
  • Description of project outputs and advice on the communication
  • Highlighting and identifying stakeholders and possibilities for collaboration
  • Development of action plans for PR and communication

Analysis and Evaluation

  • Analysis of factors for identifying new focus and target groups
  • Feasibility studies and testing of target groups, stakeholders and messages
  • Planning and implementation of reviews and evaluations of projects and campaigns

Written Communication

  • Production of articles, brochures, booklets, reports and handbooks
  • Production of PR material for print and social media
  • Editing and production management of reports and books


  • Developing and writing project descriptions
  • Creating of stakeholder analysis and business plan
  • Writing of applications for funds
  • Management and implementation of projects


Jette Ravn - Prevention and Road Safety specialist

I have more than 25 years´ experience of developing communication projects for many public and private organizations, including as project and campaign manager with the Danish Road Safety Council and the Danish Refugee Council and as chief adviser within a Digital Communications and PR Agency. Since 2002 I have managed and run my own company, Ravn Communications.

I graduated M.A. in Social Science and Communication from The University of Aarhus, and completed studies in Strategic Communication, Organization Culture and Language; and HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Control at The University of Copenhagen. I work in both Danish and English, speak Spanish and German and understand basic French.

My passion is professional communication that reaches the identified target group in collaboration with clients, stakeholders and fellow professionals. I feel deeply privileged to be able to work on projects where the objective is to prevent traffic accidents and improve or save people´s lives.


Professional approach and calm and friendly manner

For 4 years now, Jette has edited and acted as a production manager on research reports for DIIS. The communication of research material is a difficult field, not least because it involves cooperating with DIIS during our busiest and most frantic time. We are well satisfied with Jette's diligent and professional approach and her calm and friendly manner, which has helped land us safely ashore with many publications.

Mastery of professional communication

I have collaborated with Jette in developing a new website in English and Danish for CompLead, which was crucial for certain deliveries in a very short period. En route she provided steady project management and demonstrated major skills for keeping many balls in the air at the same time and landing them in a very fine and calm way, while maintaining a mastery of professional communication. Jette enters into our needs along with courage and good skills to make her own decisions to ensure progress for the project which is such a valuable combination that I would give Jette my very best recommendation anytime. She is a very positive, energetic and passionate person to know.

Gets the job done

Ms Ravn is the dream consultant - listens attentively, addresses the TOR and goes well beyond it. Her suitability and experience are what get the job done.

Very good at focusing on the essential

I have worked alongside Jette in different projects on road safety, most recently an international project. It has been a pleasure, as Jette is knowledgeable, efficient and very good at focusing on the essential.

Serious professionalism and positive energy

I have enjoyed partnership with Jette in many campaigns and projects for the regional road safety committees. Jette uses her communication skills to solve problems in a respectful and accessible way without compromising the complexity of the messages. She always constructively adapts her approach to the solution, whether it be in developing ideas, the strategy or the evaluation work. Additionally she contributes with serious professionalism and positive energy. In several projects, with her responsibility for developing information materials and evaluations, all tasks have been completed professionally and on time. Jette masters the difficult balance of driving a project process, executing decisions and completion. I would always give Jette my warmest recommendations.

Genuine and relevant

Jette´s engagement in projects and people is always genuine and relevant and means that she reaches beyond the boundaries.

Super cool to work with

I have collaborated with Jette on campaigns and information activities concerning traffic safety since 2015. Jette is super cool to work with, she has a deep and profound knowledge and is very serious about her work - and then she is patient. All in all, a really good co-operation which I look forward to continue.

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Ravn Communications
Jette Ravn
Nannasgade 28
DK – 2200 Copenhagen

Mobile: +45 28578865
LinkedIn: Jette Ravn
Skype: jette.ravn

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